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Why Do Thermal Pane Windows Fail

Every double pane window eventually fails. There is no such thing as a fail-proof thermal pane window.

Sunshine is the biggest cause of window failure, which is why your south and west facing windows usually fail first. Sunshine causes both a process known as "solar pumping" and the hardening of the sealant that forms the seals of the window.

When sunshine hits a double pane window the air inside heats up significantly, (think of a car on a hot day) causing the sealed window unit to expand and pushing air out through the semi-permeable seals. In the evening, the window cools and contracts, drawing air-and humidity-with it. Day after day, year after year, this cyclical expansion and contraction occurs, stressing the window seals and filling the air space with moisture.

Manufacturers expect and plan for solar pumping. Built into every thermal pane window frame is silica desiccant to absorb the small amounts of moisture inevitably drawn into the window. The desiccant, however, has a limited capacity and life span. In a standard box spacer the desiccant looks like the photo below. In an Intercept Spacer, the desiccant is mixed into the sealant that forms the seal of the window.

At some point the desiccant will have absorbed all the moisture it can hold and that is the day a hazy, misty bluish fog clouds your glass window pane. From this point on the window begins deteriorating rapidly. If left untreated, the trapped moisture quickly corrodes the inner window glass surfaces, eventually leaving mineral deposits and a permanent white silica haze.

When Windows Medic Plus replaces your (IGU) we make sure we place the new unit on rubber blocks to help prevent this in the future. We also re caulk to reseal.

The biggest cause of early failure in wood framed windows is lack of maintenance. Every two years the exterior seam where the glass meets the wood needs to be caulked and the frames painted. Otherwise, rain hits the glass and runs down between the wood and the glass, pools at the bottom of the IGU (Integrated Glass Unit) and rots both the seal of the IGU and the wood frame of the window from the inside out.

When you replace your glass you have the opportunity to upgrade your windows. Options are:

  • Low E for heat and UV control
  • Add or remove internal grids
  • Add Window Film to block harmful ultraviolet light, the leading cause of fading.
  • Update or add designer privacy glass

Low-E Energy Efficient Glass

Glass Replacement is a great way to upgrade the energy efficiency of your windows without replacing the frames. Quality Low-E glass can reduce the sun's heat entering your windows by 68% and can significantly reduce heat loss from your house. Low-E also helps reduce fading caused by UV from sunlight.

I want new glass, now what?
Glass Replacement is a simple process. First we carefully measure the glass in the failed window and determine any special features it might have such as low E coating. When we know everything about your current window glass installation we give you a quote on the cost of replacing the glass with new units that are identical to your current failed windows. Because of the high rate of failure of Intercept Spacers, we offer only standard box spacers in our glass replacement units.

If you know the dimensions of your windows we offer an online estimate for your window glass repairs.

If you accept our bid we ask that you put down a deposit on the cost of the glass we will be ordering. We order the glass and set up an appointment for a few days later when we return and do the window repair.

On the appointed day we arrive with the new window glass. We remove your old foggy window glass without disturbing your window frames and replace it with the new window glass unit. Then we caulk the window to assure no moisture can get in helping to extend the life of your new window.

When we're done we take the old window glass with us and dispose of it for you.

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