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Windows Medic Plus provides window restoration for failed double paned windows to expedite your sale.

As a realtor, you know the problems that moisture and condensation in thermal paned windows can bring to a sale. We can quickly repair or replace the failed double paned glass in the windows to speed the sale of your listing. It's faster and cheaper than full window replacement, with no construction mess. From order to install is typically less than one week ( 5-7 days).

Windows Medic Plus offers a service tailored to the demands of the real estate industry:

  • We give priority scheduling for real estate listings.
  • We give specific appointment times and on-time service.
  • We can repair windows in both residential and commercial buildings
  • We offer dependable and timely follow-through, making sure that your clients are satisfied before their closing date.
  • We provide supporting repair and warranty documentation.

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